Happy 2018 – Day 227 – Nobody’s coming!

Today, I’m just going to offer some words that I heard in passing a few days ago; words that have stuck with me.

“Nobody’s coming.”

Nobody’s coming to rescue you from a bad job or a bad relationship or a bad life even.
They’re not coming to push you to exercise or to push lettuce down your throat either.

Awful news right?!¬†Or is it….?

In my teens and twenties, I was always waiting. For something… or someone; for a lottery win; an epiphany; a personal trainer; a chance encounter with a stranger who would change my life (preferably rich, handsome and/or a hypnotist.) In part, think is probably because I had really lovely, generous and kind parents who I was able to rely on throughout my life. It was all too easy for me, as anxious as I was, to just depend on them instead of myself.

Whatever the reasons, at 34, the bomb has dropped. I no longer believe in the tooth fairy. And I know that the only person that will change things for me, is me.

Basically, I got bored of waiting. I got bored of letting my anxiety stop me leaving a job I wasn’t even a tiny bit right for. I got bored of being too chubby to fit into the kind of clothes I wanted to wear. I got bored of watching fighters and wrestlers from the couch, whilst eating ice cream. I got bored of lethargy being my normal state. At some point, I got bored enough to actually start making some changes myself.

When you feel read this title, it sounds pretty bleak. To my twenty-something self, it might well have been. Now it’s quite the opposite…


Today, it seems incredibly liberating to know that I don’t have to sit around and wait; not for anyone or anything.

How empowering it might be to get yourself to a place where you not only don’t need someone to help you, but whereby you’d even prefer to help yourself.

“Nobody’s coming – and I don’t want them to!”




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