Happy 2018 – Day 136 – The 6 Minute-Diary

A month ago, I bought into the hype and bought myself a ‘6-Minute Diary’ by ‘UrBestSelf.’

Part of me remained cynical, thinking that this had the potential to be yet another Wellbeing ‘fad’ that would soon be forgotten about. But I’m always interested in adding to and adapting my daily routine, so I was just curious enough to buy.

And so far, I’m loving it!

After I’d spent a week reading the first parts of the book, I got into the actual diary-keeping bit. The idea is that you spend three minutes in the morning recording 3 things that you’re grateful for, an explanation of how you will make today great and one positive affirmation. You then return to the diary in the evening, writing down one good deed you did for someone else, a sentence as to how you’ll improve if things didn’t go to plan and three great things that you experienced today.
Here’s my entry from the 1st May:


Every week, there are extra questions that allow you to coach yourself into a healthy mindset. Questions like, ‘What do you spend too much time worrying about? Will it be relevant in 5 years?’ and ‘What’s the best thing about getting older?’

What I really like about this book is that a) it encourages that all-powerful ‘Gratitude Attitude’ morning and night; b) it incorporates kindness by expecting a good deed each day, forcing you to think about how you’ve helped or served others; c) that it really does take just a few minutes; and d) it’s a daily reminder that while you cannot control outside events, you can control how you approach each day, person and situation that you face. There’s also some lovely quotes on each page.

If you really don’t want to shell out on a costly diary, then just get yourself a blank notepad and answer these questions daily. You’ll miss out on the quotes and the weekly questions, but you’ll develop a really positive routine.

After a month of using mine, I’m feeling a massive increase in my happiness levels. Writing in this diary has forced me to really think about how I am approaching each day and what I’m focusing on. I’ve had to answer to myself more often. Because of this, I’ve gained more momentum with my good habits – great food, exercise, mindfulness. The diary has triggered positive momentum as I’ve consciously made better choices as to what I think, say and do.

The only problem is…. the cat likes it as much as I do!



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