Plant Seeds, Forget the Results…

When I’m trying to make positive changes and swap unhelpful habits for better ones, I frequently find myself frustrated that things aren’t ‘working’ quickly enough. i.e. I’ve gone a week without booze, sugar and caffeine… so why aren’t I dancing on the clouds yet?

Often, this leads me into self-sabotage (or epic blowout/binge) and then I’m back at square one in terms of the very things I sought to change.

I’m working on it. And this quote that I shared way back in 2018 pretty much sums up how. As Robert Louis Stevenson put it:

“Do not judge each day by the harvest you reap, but the seeds you plant.”

Basically, I need to stop waiting for and expecting results. My focus should be with cultivating these better habits. If I keep trying to make good choices, and trust that I had/have my reasons for wanting to make changes, then I can simply be with the process of making these changes, day by day.

So I’m striving to focus on the seeds, and stop ripping them out of the ground whenever I think they’re growing too slowly. Something’s bound to grow eventually anyway right?!

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