6 Months, 1 Goal: What Would It Be?

If you looked at your life and considered a) where you currently are and b) where you want to be, which area would you choose to work on as your priority?

What if you set yourself a challenge of working on this, and only this, for 6 months?

What kind of action(s) would you take, one day at a time? What kind of actions would you drop, one day at a time?

And where do you think you’d be at the end of six months? What might your life look like?

I get very carried away with all the growth and goals-type stuff, often to my detriment. I’ve sabotaged myself many a time, by trying to do too much. I’ll set myself a challenge to lose weight, get fit, become more focused at work, become more confident, be a better girlfriend, a more assertive yet thoughtful friend… bla bla bla…

I mean. Come on! It’s just too much. So of course, I end up half-arsing everything.

So when I saw a random video on YouTube a couple of weeks back, which basically asked the questions above, I thought… yep. Why not?! Imagine if you focused in on one particular thing you wanted to improve, and whole-arsed that one goal. Surely the results would likely be much more impressive (and long lasting.)

Currently, I’m on day 16 of ‘Inspired Habits’ – my only focus for the next six months is to try and make better choices, choices that support a healthy mind more than anything.

Six months, but one day at a time.

One day at a time, but I’m also anchored to the knowledge that I’ll probably feel stronger, calmer and more positive after six months of healthier habits.

16 days in, I already feel a whole lot better than I did a month ago….

Good luck!

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