Prove Yourself Capable through Action

I’ve been riding a rollercoaster of moods and emotions all month, and admittedly, made lots of unhelpful choices that have only worsened my wellbeing. Sometimes I wallow – it’s a problem and a pattern. Thankfully, it hasn’t all been bad, and I’ve managed to observe my energy/mood levels in different situations.

And what I’ve observed is that action always helps. Even really small, seemingly insignificant action.

On the most miserable of days of the past fortnight, getting off the couch to wash the dishes resulted in an increase in positivity. So too did sending a message, saying yes to uncomfortable situations, peddling on the exercise bike and so on. I’m pretty sure that I could have run up and down the stairs ten times and been better-off than I was when I was sat stewing in misery, lost in thought.

“Whatever happens, I’ll handle it,” (Susan Jeffer’s, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!) was one of the first quotes I shared when I started blogging. It’s a motto that I strive towards daily. The thing is… I don’t always believe it, probably because my actions aren’t always aligned with this mindset. If I’m avoiding things that are hard, and giving into fear/laziness/dullness, then I’m telling my body/brain that I can’t handle it/can’t cope.

But when I take daily action, especially when it’s things that are hard/scary, I’m proving this statement true. I’m proving to myself that I can indeed handle it, and building up a bank of memories that make it more believable. And that’s priceless!

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