Celebrity Suicide: Learning from Tragedy

Only a fortnight after legendary Prodigy front-man Keith Flint took his own life, the headlines this weekend are fresh with new tragedy: the suicide of 26 year old former-footballer and reality TV star, Mike Thalassitis.

In the interests of transparency, I’ll say that I didn’t know who he was, by all accounts he was a lovely, caring guy. Sadly, like so many others who suffer with depression, whilst he appeared happy and outgoing on the surface, he was struggling under the surface.

In the last few years, mental health awareness has certainly grown; in part, a side-effect of the tragic number of famous, rich and ‘successful’ people who have taken their own lives.

But I think if we can take anything from these tragedies, it’s the knowledge that mental illness doesn’t discriminate; it doesn’t see
external factors like money, fame and so-called ‘success.’

You have have all the adoration, wealth and luxuries that you’d ever dreamed of, and still feel deeply unhappy. Because as the old adage goes, ‘wherever you go, there you’ll be’: whether you have an Instagram following of 5 or 5 million, a pound in the bank or a million, you’ll still be the same person with the same mindset and perspective. 

So before we strive forward with goals based on climbing the career ladder, losing thirty pounds and owning a bigger house, work on your mindset – your thoughts and beliefs; your daily gratitude and mindfulness; the stories you tell yourself.

And be sure to look after those around you, no matter how happy, confident and ‘successful’ they appear.

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