Happy 2018 – Day 357 – It’s okay to just do one thing

So yesterday was Saturday, and it’s been on my mind for most of the week that I need to get some serious tidying and cleaning done through the house.

Mr. G, concerned that I would double or even triple my allotted chores time if left to my own devices, declared that he was taking control of the situation. He told me that I followed his exact instructions, I would get everything done in an hour. Therefore, unwilling as I was, seeing the prospect of a lazy afternoon watching ‘The Office’ on the horizon, I agreed to his first command and handed over my phone.

No messages. No audio-books. No music. No TED talks. No interruptions.

So yes, I sulked like a teenager, resentful that I was being deprived of not only entertainment as I worked, but also growth, man. Growth!

To cut a long story short though, I got over it. And I did my chores, without any distractions.

It took me longer than a hour – my share of the housework was pretty hefty this time round – but I not only managed it in record time, I actually enjoyed it.

Indeed, as much as I enjoy listening to inspirational speakers as I scrub the bathtub, I did find that it was equally enjoyable to actually just scrub the bathtub. This is the whole idea of mindfulness, is it not, that our mind spends more time focused on one thing, rather than whizzing from one thought to another; that we spend more time in the ‘Now’?

One of the things that I like about myself is that I’m obsessed with self-improvement and growth. One of the things I dislike about myself is that I’m obsessed with self-improvement and growth. Go figure. 

Sometimes, it’s okay to just do one thing.

Even if that means you’re not improving or growing.

Even if that means you’re moving along in a lateral line, or not moving at all.


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