Happy 2018 – Day 356 – 10 Day Countdown!

I’m a big fan of professional MMA fights. As brutal as they can be, there’s nothing quite like seeing two men or women put it all on the line as millions of spectators hold their breath. To me it’s like a moving form of art – immensely pure and exquisitely human.

One of my favourite parts of any fight (if it gets that far) is when the ten second timer clicks, inspiring the fighters to step up the action in the final moments of the round; to give a part of themselves that they perhaps didn’t even know they had.

In fact, when I’m sparring in Jiu Jitsu, I frequently experience this first-hand. When my mind is whirling with thoughts of how utterly exhausted I am; when all I can hear is ‘can’t’; when I’m in a bad position, feeling that sense of defeat… I hear my coach shout, “Ten seconds!” and somehow I find the strength to go on.

So with this in mind, I’ll remind you that today signals the sounding of the countdown timer for 2018.

No matter what your year has been like; no matter how many highs or lows you’ve experienced, bad habits you haven’t dropped, weight you haven’t lost, adventures you haven’t taken… ask yourself: how can I go out on a high? 

Because ANYTHING can happen in the last moments of a fight.

A dull fight can become wildly entertaining, a one-sided defeat can even itself out, and someone who has been beaten up for duration of the round can suddenly score a knockout or submission that secures an unbelievable victory.

How will you spend the last ten days of 2018?

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