Happy 2018 – Day 285 – If you can’t disbelieve your own anxiety… can you try it on someone else?

A few days ago, I was shocked to read a story about spectacular, awarding-winning actress, Claire Foy, as she opened up about her battle with anxiety.

“When you have anxiety, you have anxiety about – I don’t know – crossing the road,” Foy told The Guardian. “The thing about it is, it’s not related to anything that would seem logical. It’s purely about that feeling in the pit of your stomach, and the feeling that you can’t, because you’re ‘this’ or you’re ‘that’.”


If you’ve never seen The Crown, in which Foy plays Queen Elizabeth II, then you really should, if only for her magnificent performance.

Now… some of you may be wondering what the point of this is, if not to advertise TV shows about the royal family or Foy herself…

The point is that whilst it’s sometimes very difficult to deny anxious thoughts when they’re about you; when you see someone with undeniable talent like Foy, describing, “lots of thoughts about how shit I am,” you have to admit that anxiety lies.

To hear her say that she nearly talked herself out of her role as Anne Boleyn in BBC’s Wolf Hall, feeling that she was nowhere near as intelligent, alluring, fascinating or special as the script required just doesn’t match up with the actual incredible performance that she gave.

Again – anxiety isn’t logical and it isn’t truthful. It’s fake news.

When negative thoughts and self-doubt strike; when good friends tell you that you’re being illogical and offer words of comfort and support that you just don’t believe; remember that anxiety lies.

If it can make super-talented people believe that they’re “shit”… then there’s a very good chance that it’s kidding you too.

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