Happy 2018 – Day 254 – Concentrate on your own candles

All of us feel pangs of jealousy at times, or envy. Speaking from personal experience I know that no matter how much you preach against comparing yourself to others, it’s a natural part of life that the green-eyed monster creeps in now and then.

When you see someone else with something (or someone) that you desperately want; doing things that you want to do; of course, there’s at least part of you that wishes it was you instead.

You might have to smile or congratulate this person. Even if they got something that you’ve worked bloody hard for. Even if you really do deserve it more.

Because life isn’t fair.

So don’t let it effect your actions or attitude in any way, other than maybe allowing it to inspire and motivate you to be as successful in your own way.

Someone shared this quote on my Facebook feed a few days ago and I just loved it:

“Blowing out someone else’s candles won’t make yours shine any brighter.”

Simple yet powerful.

There’s nothing quite so ugly (or misguided) as someone who looks to pull others down so that they might rise.

Focus on your own light; your own strengths and contributions.

Have faith in yourself enough to let, or even encourage, others shine around you.


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