Happy 2018 – Day 255 – Find a way to incorporate self-care into your life

A side-effect of the mental health epidemic that we’re currently facing in schools, businesses and homes, across the globe, is that ‘self-care’ has become a thing. 

What even is it?

In essence, it’s the actions that someone takes in order to protect, maintain and develop their overall health and wellbeing.

And as we’re all unique beings, self-care practices differ from one individual to another.

To one person, it might mean taking a bubble bath with a glass of wine. To another, it might involve daily meditation. For some people, myself included, exercise can be an empowering yet relaxing act of self-care.

Of course, when the dishes are piled up or the work deadlines are looming, self-care can feel like a luxury you cannot afford.

But you just have to step up your game!

Use mindfulness practice to bring peace, tranquility and acceptance to your mind, even if you’re actions appear to be anything but.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the feelings you create. Right?

Therefore, you can replicate the same calm mindset that you experience in the bathtub, when you’re stood washing pots at the kitchen sink.  It might not be quite as relaxing as a day at the Spa, but it’s better than the alternative; skipping self-care all together.


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