Happy 2018 – Day 147 – Turn towards Fear

I woke up at 4 a.m. with the following stream of consciousness in my head:

What if we actively sought out what we were afraid of?

What if we turned towards pain and discomfort and awkwardness.

Rather than running away.

Or fighting.

Or being overcome by fear.

What if we welcomed feelings like fear and panic.

And greeted them like a dear, old friend?

Our life-long companions.

Frenemies?! But still…

With us in the darkest of times.

Always striving to protect us.

In their own sometimes misguided way.

What if we admitted that there is some comfort within the discomfort?

And looked for ways to feel those butterflies.

And awkward glances.

With greater frequency? Not less.

Would the pain and discomfort get stronger? 

Would we become more afraid?

Or would befriending our greatest fears,

Allow us to see that they’re actually not quite as great

As we imagined when they were enemies.



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