Happy 2018 – Day 85 – “One day at a time”

We’ve all heard this. Especially when we’re struggling through or against something; when the pressure seems overwhelming and we’re close to buckling; when the end goal seems so far it begins to seem unreachable.

“One day at a time.”

As simple and even cliched as it is, reminding yourself to focus on one day at a time, or even one moment/hour at a time, is incredibly valuable.

To a drug addict in recovery, trying to just stay clean and make good choices one day, seems much more achievable than considering the bigger picture: a lifetime of fighting their urges to fall back into addiction.

To someone struggling with anxiety, trying to make good choices that starve rather than feed their anxiety seems much more doable day to day; especially when the alternative is considering a lifetime of fearful situations outside the comfort zone.

I know that when i am feeling overwhelmed, it’s often because i’m telling myself a story about all that lies ahead and how I will or won’t cope with it. I’m trying to run a whole marathon at once, rather than step-by-step.

Our present moment is where reality lies: everything beyond that is fiction.

So why not spend a little more time just getting through today?

Do you have a day-by-day approach already? Or do you find yourself looking ahead, considering the massive ordeal that faces you? Comments/tips/guidance welcome:



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