Happy 2018 – Day 84 – Put your cape on!

I’m a huge believer in the importance of body language.

I know that my own body language speaks volumes,¬†particularly when I’m feeling negative.

I can’t even try and hide it.

No matter how much I’ll try and deny the truth; no matter how many, ‘I’m fine(s)!’ I mutter; my body and face always tell the truth.

It’s a curse. But I’ve learnt to use it.

Because I also know that just as my body listens to my mind,
my mind also listens to my body.

When I’m slumped on the sofa, like a dead slug, if I sit up straight, push my shoulders down and breathe, then my mind instantly feels better.

It’s that easy!

One of my favourite tricks, which I teach children as part of the Wellbeing Warriors Day, is this Tony Robbins classic.

Put your cape on!


In short, you imagine that you’re wearing a cape. Like the kind of cape that a superhero would wear.

Yep – you heard me right.

Once you’re wearing your cape, look over your shoulder and look at it. Look at the way the light hits it; the details, colours, patterns, shades, markings; the sounds it makes as it flaps in the wind. Hold this for at least a minute.

Granted, this seems like it’s meant for kids. But if you’re in possession of an immature mind and imagination like myself, then you might just enjoy this as well as gaining some instant confidence!

Though I haven’t told you to stand like you’re a superhero, you might also find that you are. Your hands might find their way to your hips. Your chest might just puff out. You might just stand taller. Your facial expression might just become stronger.

I told a friend about this and gave her a little demonstration. Just for kicks. She was shocked at how my body language and demeanor changed instantly.

If you’re just too much of an ‘adult’ to benefit from this, then try ‘feel the certainty’ instead. Seriously though, at least try this first.

If nothing else, hiding in the loo at work, whilst secretly admiring your imaginary cape will give you a good laugh.

Are you willing to try this? Have you tried this already? Do you have other body language tips to share? Comments welcome:


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