Happy 2018 – Day 104 – Plant good seeds daily and results will come

I heard this Robert Louis Stevenson quote for the very first time a few days ago and it’s really stuck with me:

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

Since opening up my business, Skills with Frills, in January, I’ve becoming increasingly impatient. Despite the fact that things are going better than I’d ever imagined at this early stage, anxiety has definitely kicked in at points as I’ve either panicked about what I’m being asked to do or not being asked to do yet.

This quote re-focused me on what I’m doing each day.

Just as someone kicking up the diet or exercise regime, obsessing over daily inches or pounds lost, expecting immediate results, is a sure-fire way to dishearten yourself all the way to Quitsville. Trust me – I’ve spent a lot of time there.

I’m very much into living one day at a time right now; striving to avoid things that trigger anxiety and misery, while doing things that feed confidence, peace and happiness. 

The awesome thing is that if you do live each day at a time; if you do make better choices on a regular basis; then when the ‘harvest’ does come in, it will be pretty spectacular.




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