Happy 2018 – Day 91 – Are you April FOOLING yourself?

“Tomorrow is another day,” is a phrase we hear all too often.

Firstly, it’s a phrase that we can lean on and take comfort in on those days when life has kicked you to the ground and spat in your face.

Sadly, it’s often misused. It’s misused by me – a lot!

It’s the phrase I churn out to excuse myself from the poor choices that I’ve made today.

Oh I’ll exercise tomorrow. 

I’ll stop drinking coffee tomorrow. 

I’ll practise Mindfulness tomorrow.

I’ll think before I speak tomorrow.

Bla bla bla ____ tomorrow.

The fact that today is April 1st, the day of pranks and tricks, isn’t lost on me. Because….

April Fools!

You’re fooling yourself.


You won’t do it tomorrowall that matters is today! 

Today was your tomorrow, yesterday.

And you didn’t do it then… so what makes you think that tomorrow will be any different?!

Thoughts, comments, views welcome:

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