Happy 2018 – Day 74 – When did you last hear….?

Throughout March, I’ve been throwing myself head-first into Mindfulness.

At every opportunity, I’ve been stepping into the moment and using all 5 of my senses, approaching life with the curiosity of an alien.

Out of everything, I’m actually enjoying listening the most out of everything (ironic as I’ve been told I’m an awful listener by those close enough to me to be brutally honest, and I am part deaf in one ear!) Despite this, I’m just really enjoying hearing things that are clearly there to be heard all day, every day; but consistently ignored by me as I tear through my daily life.

A few days ago, I spent a few minutes sitting on the couch, attempting to notice noises around me.


Here’s what I heard:

  • the constant hum of central heating
  • Cracks and creaks and bangs (house noises)
  • the rain falling outside and the way it changed as it dripped, sometimes directly onto the window
  • my own steady breathing
  • the cat, licking himself after escapes out in the rain. I heard his feet walking on the carpet. When he decided he wanted to go out again, I heard a series of whines following by an aggressive unprovoked attack on his poor, long-suffering ‘Ratty Tat’ toy.
  • Cars driving outside on the road. This sounded different today because of the rain. I could hear splashing of the wheels onto the wet ground underneath.
  • Chirping and tweeting out birds outside.


Life makes beautiful music each and every day…but if you don’t listen, you won’t hear a thing.

Take a break from listening to your own thoughts and listen to life instead.



  1. This is lovely …. is this mindfulness? It’s really good to stop sometimes and breathe and take stock. I love the things you heard. The one thing that we don’t have so much of up here in Glasgow are the little birds. We have seagulls, enormous ravens and loads of magpies, but I can honestly say that I’ve only seen a handful of blue tits and robins and sparrows. We’re moving back down south in a couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing them again. Sounds silly, but I miss things like that. Lovely post. ☀️☀️

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    1. Yep this is mindfulness! Always something to hear, though listening to birds is definitely better than listening to traffic! Not silly to miss things like that – noticing sounds like that has drastically improved my days! Xx

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