Happy 2018 – Day 73 – Just add ‘yet’

Part of the Wellbeing Warriors days that I teach in schools focuses on ‘Growth Mindset.’ The terms Growth and Fixed Mindset were coined by Carol Dweck years ago, after studying the way that students responded to failure and setbacks. Dweck’s research showed that those who believed that they could learn/gain intelligence/become smarter through effort and practise were in fact higher achievers than those with a Fixed mindset, who believed intelligence to be unchangeable.

Growth Mindset teaching reminds us of the importance of the language that we use.

A subtle change in vocabulary or phrasing; the addition of a word; the exchange of another can all make the world of difference.


When facing challenges and adversity, I totally believe in ‘the Power of Yet.’

Take a look at my yets below and see the difference for yourselves:

I can’t do this yet. 

I’m not good at this yet. 

I don’t want to be here yet. 

I don’t ‘get it’ yet. 

This doesn’t work yet.

Growth Mindset is just as important for ‘grown-ups’ as it is for kids. In fact, more so in some cases, as many of us only become more set in our ways and frightened of change as we get older. It can be pretty tough to retrain a child who sees mistakes as a sign of

So go on – throw ‘yet’ into your statements and see what difference it makes!

Do you believe in the ‘power of yet’? Comments welcome:



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