Happy 2018 – Day 110 – “The Earth has music for those who listen”

Today, I thought I’d share some pictures. A while back, I visited one of my favourite places, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

It’s such a beautiful park, ethereal almost.

Walking around it, gazing at both the sculptures and the nature surrounding them, is a surreal, spiritual experience. This is the place that single-handedly quashed my belief that art just wasn’t for me, and taught me that I could find joy and peace from looking out of a ‘skyview’ window (the kind of ‘art’ that I would have scoffed at previously.)

In this modern age, switching off is hard to do. Getting out into nature – whether it’s a massive park, your back yard, or a slightly opened window on your journey to work – will certainly help you to regain some clarity.

Here are some pics from my visit: 


George Santayana said, “The Earth has music for those who listen.”

This music is always present – no matter where you are.

Whether listening to the duet of the kettle boiling and the brassy sounds of spoon stirring into a cup; or a full-blown symphony at a magical place like this; you’re still only a choice away from deciding to open your ears and listen.


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