500+ Blogs in Two Years: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When I started this blog in 2018, with the goal of writing every day, I wasn’t sure I could do it. But I did, and I’m now coming to the end of a second year in which I’ve blogged thrice weekly.

That’s over 500 times I’ve written to you in the last two years!

As I’ve said before, writing these blogs has become like a form of active meditation for me; a form to therapy; self-help in the truest sense of the word. It’s also forced me to stay curious and to keep learning/thinking/questioning, simply so I’d have something to write sometimes.

Better still, before 2018, I would never had thought of myself a writer… because I never wrote anything. Over the last two years, I’ve created a habit of writing, which has I’m certain made me a better and more passionate writer – and perhaps even allowed me to think of myself as a ‘writer.’ Blog by blog, I’ve been chipping away at the inner-impostor syndrome that says, Why would people want to hear from you? Just who do you think you are?

It’s because of this that I have had the confidence to pursue writing opportunities elsewhere. I can say proudly today that I’ve had over 50 articles published in TES relating to Teacher Wellbeing; that I have new, exciting writing opportunities ahead next year.

As it turns out, the key to becoming something is to actually just start doing it.

Who knew?!

With that said, success always has it’s drawbacks and this is mine – I can’t honestly keep up writing here three times a week. In the spirit of being BOLD in 2020, I’ll tell you that I love writing here and as such, have found myself prioritising it… even to the detriment of my professional and personal life.

At times, I’ve willingly written blogs, rather than making phone calls for the business that I felt anxious about making. At times, I’ve ignored Mr. G – I’ve turned away, missing those little moments – because I’ve been staring at my laptop screen. At times, I’ve used this blog to procrastinate, even avoiding writing projects, because I was afraid of taking meaningful action – afraid of failure, of success, or just plain afraid.

And this just won’t do now will it?! 

Not in 2020. Not with me being so BOLD ‘n’ all.

Of course, I can’t stop entirely, so I’ll be moving to weekly blogs now, published on a Sunday, this being your very first one. 

And I’ll leave you to ponder this…

When I started writing here, I had no real clue of how maintaining this new habit would change my life. I simply wanted to do more of what I loved and for me, that was writing.

Is there a daily habit or routine that you could take up, today? What changes could you make that would allow you to access more of what you love on a daily basis?

Remember that it all starts with a single step. Focus on making that step, one day at a time, and before you know it you’ll be looking back over 2020, noting all of the benefits you’ve gained through your new habit.





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