Go to War with the Lies that you Tell Yourself

Look, I know this about the millionth blog in which I’ve name-dropped Mel Robbins; I know you’ll be getting sick of it, but she’s currently my guru of choice and I just can’t help it. So yet again, it’s a case of sorry, not sorry.

I’m currently taking part in her #bestdecadeever programme – click here to find out more and sign up – and as such, I received information today about those pesky limiting beliefs and the many ways in which they hold you back.

And this line really grabbed my attention: ‘Go to war with the lies that you tell yourself.’

Before I really discovered self-help and started working on my emotional intelligence, my whole life felt like a war zone. It felt like me against the world.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that the only things in my way are the limiting thoughts that I’ve practised throughout my lifetime.

When I look back to times I’ve avoided doing things that I wanted to do, failed to accomplish goals, beaten myself up; those times when life really did feel like a battle, and I lay bleeding, exhausted on the ground; it’s not the world that was against me – just the thoughts that I chose to listen to at that time.

So in the spirit of 2020, of being BOLD and embracing Act III: Guns Blazing, I am going to strive to live out this quote.

When that inner-voice reverts back to the negative – ‘who are you to think you can do this?’… ‘you’re just going to embarrass yourself!’… ‘you’re an anxious person – you can’t do this! You’re not good enough!’ etc. – I’m going to take a breath, remember that this is just a crappy thinking habit that I’ve practised forever, and I’m going to choose to think something more inspiring. And I’m going to take positive action in the opposite direction.

I’m tired of fighting the world. I’m tired of fighting myself. 

From now on, the only fight I’m going to pursue is the one against the thoughts that have long-since kept me stuck and unhappy.

I don’t expect to be victorious – at least not every time – but I reckon I’ll get a lot out of the battle either way.



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