Can I ‘do’ BOLD?

A few weeks ago, I shared a quick tip from Jim Kwik, which basically encouraged you to change your nouns to verbs.

So what does that mean? It means that rather than waiting for a feeling to come along and prepare you into action, you should consider what that feeling looks like, and attempt to ‘do’ the feeling.

For me, the question that I’ve asked myself the most is: “How can I ‘do’ bold?”

I’ve been asking myself this consciously, as part of my morning ritual when I write in my six-minute diary. It’s helped me to plan out bold, confident actions that I could take that day and reflect on them again in the evening to see whether I was indeed bold, or not.

Moreover, I’ve found myself asking this question at key points throughout the day…like when parents in the school car park had blocked me in last week. Anxiety and indecision kicked in, and I considered waiting until they’d driven away. But then I thought, What is the bold course of action here?” and very politely asked them if they could nudge the car forward so that I’d be able to squeeze the car out.

To cut a long story short – they were happy to – and as a result, I got home earlier and wasn’t left waiting around in the car park at the mercy of my own negative thinking patterns.

It’s such a small and simple change, but wow, it’s made a HUGE difference. 

What does your personal version of bold look like? Are you living it? Could you be bolder? Maybe the answers here aren’t as important as actually asking the question…

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