Swapping Excuses for Reasons

On Friday, I wrote about excuses and how everybody, everywhere, at any time, can find one if they’re so inclined. Indeed, we can always find a reason to not do something. But this only widens the gap between who you are and who you truly want to be. 

If you want to narrow that gap, then you have to start doing the things that you say you’ll do, rather than finding excuses to put them off or ditch them altogether. 

And if you want to feel motivated to do these things, you need to understand that this doesn’t just happen. It doesn’t just magically arrive one morning in the post. 

Motivation is cultivated through your own choice of attitude and perspective. 

If we can find an excuse not to do something, we can reason to do it. Like so: 

I’m too tired to get up 20 minutes earlier and exercise in the morning
I need to exercise early because I know this gives me more energy throughout the day. 

I feel like crap so I’m ditching the diet for today and treating myself to some junk

I feel like crap so I’m in extra need of tasty, nourishing food.  

I’ve got so much to do today and I don’t have time to meditate. 
I’ve got a really busy day ahead so it’s extra important that I take a few minute to meditate.

I could go on and on because the list is endless.

And yes, I know that living this out can feel a lot harder in reality than it does when we’re sitting comfortably, reading this now.

But it truly is empowering to know that whenever we’re threatened with excuses, we’re only ever a slight shift in perspective away from a reason.

The very arguments our mind uses to keep us comfortable, can become what drives us towards discomfort, challenge, growth and self-belief.


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