Yoga: Back Bend your way to Happiness

Regular readers will know that I’ve been slightly obsessed with body language and posture for a good while now, and that I’m a firm believer that you can essentially trick your brain into changing state by changing your posture.

Therefore, it’s no great surprise I’m sure, that having attended a workshop at the weekend based on yoga for mental health, I’m all over yoga again – in particularly, back bends.

The bridge. Camel. Cobra. Upward Dog. Cat/Cow. All the hits – all the big ones! 

I’m a long-time fan of yoga, sure – but I guess in the last few months, it’s primarily become a means of stretching to counteract the havoc that Jiu Jitsu wreaks on my body.

I’d forgotten just how beneficial it can be for your mind, as well as your body.

But of course, back bends are happiness inducing… They’re the exact opposite of what your body looks like when you’re depressed, angry,
exhausted, anxious or uncomfortable!

You’re effectively holding a position of confidence.

When you spend a few minutes, opening up your chest, raising your head, pushing your shoulders back… you’re opening your heart – literally and physically – to whatever happens.

So if you are feeling a little down, maybe the answer is to look, and move, up.

And don’t forget to put your back into it!


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