Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

This morning, I spent the first half hour of my morning following the moves of YouTube’s Yoga with Adrienne. She’s lovely, cool and her yoga is toight!¬†

It was a very calming and meditative practice today, and she repeatedly focused on being mindful of your body, the space around you, the air, the sounds and the stillness.

Of course, breath is always part of this. Breath is the anchor that you can drop, whenever thoughts/emotions/feelings/distractions threaten to spiral out of control.

At one point in the video, early on when we’re just starting to really breathe in the silence, Adrienne said something that I really liked.

She said that she calls it ‘getting your money’s worth’ of the moment, and that by breathing deeply and being truly present that is indeed what we do.

I really like this. I think of those many, many moments we lose in the day, because we’re stuck in problems, past mistakes and worries about the future, or just in our head full-stop. Indeed, this couldn’t be any further from making the most of this moment we’ve been gifted. It seems like such a waste.

Every time we make a choice to be mindful, present, to breath, to be here now… we are indeed getting our money’s worth and taking¬†all that we can from that precious moment, that we’ll never experience in just the same way again.

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