The Secrets of Naturally Confident People

Now I’m back on board the Paul McKenna train, I’m keen to share the things that I’ve learnt or in many cases re-learnt.

He’s all about habits, neural pathways and Growth Mindset. “Confident people aren’t born, they’re made,” he says. “What you practice what you become,” he says.

And all of this is just the complete opposite to the limiting and dis-empowering beliefs that I had through most of my life – that you either had it or you didn’t; that it didn’t matter what I did, because I was naturally a shy, socially anxious wreck and always would be. His way just seems a lot better than mine, which is why I can’t stop going on about him. #sorrynotsorry

After years of hobnobbing with the rich, famous and supremely self-assured, Paul tells us that there are certain things that confident people do…  and that if we wish to become more confident ourselves, we can practice these same things ourselves.

Confident people practice the following:

  1. They talk to themselves in positive, self-empowering ways, using self-talk to empower them rather than limit them.
  2. They make big, bold, positive pictures in their minds, re-living their best moments, memories or successes yet to come.
  3. They use their bodies as though they’re already feeling confident, even if they’re not.
  4. They learn from the success of others, copying, modelling and practising what their role models do, until it becomes a habit for them.

Simple? No. But it’s a good place to start.

It’s also a good checklist of what you’re currently doing or not doing.



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