An Antidote to Feeling Worthless

I’ve just finished Russel Brand’s book, Mentors, which details Russels’ rather turbulent journey through life as a celebrity and recovering addict of 17 years, with a particular emphasis on the mentors who helped and guided him through the various stages of said journey.

In the final chapter, he references his own role as a mentor to others and recalls the words of his ‘mentees’ as they describe the impact that his guidance has had on their lives.

He explains how this helps him to overcome feelings of worthlessness, which got me thinking…

Often, when we’re feeling worthless, there’s a tendency to push others away; to retreat into our own company with our own problems and self-loathing and misery. The less worthy we feel, the less we contribute to the wellbeing and happiness of others and so naturally, the less worthier we feel. It becomes a vicious cycle; a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And yet, if we take our intention towards helping others, showing kindness and compassion, to simply listening to what they say, then our actions might just quieten that inner-voice. Our actions might just prove that in fact, we do have some worth.

As counter-intuitive as it might seem, when you’re feeling down about yourself, the answer might just be to pull others up.

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