Inner-Monologue Before, During and After Morning Exercise

I recently spent a little time noticing the thoughts and images in my head, as they were screaming at me at 6am Monday morning. After a weekend of over-indulgence, and an interrupted nights’ sleep (because cats) I woke up feeling less than enthusiastic about my pre-planned HIIT session. But I did it anyway – and here’s the inner-monologue that accompanied me…

Thoughts upon waking: Oh my god. Urghhhh… Ahhhh. Monday! I’m knackered! Urghhh…. I said I’d workout. What if I just sat down and had a coffee instead? No Jo, you’ll feel like shit afterwards. What if I have a sit down and cuppa first? No Jo, you know you’ll end up not doing it.

At this point, I picture myself feeling like crap, having tried to wake up via coffee rather than exercise. I really take a moment to notice how slugglish and jittery, not to mention disappointed in myself I feel. I picture myself later, having the caffeine crash and feeling worse again, longing for a nap, too tired to concentrate, telling myself that I’ll do it tomorrow but knowing it’ll be the same old story.

These images and thoughts demonstrate a big shift from the old me, who would only live in the instant reaction of, ‘I don’t want to do it right now’ and not see beyond that.

Thoughts upon getting to it: You’ll feel better for it. And remember, no one ever regrets a workout, but you know you’ll regret skipping it. Just do it and you can always sit down with a cuppa afterwards. I’m up anyway – won’t get back to sleep now!

Thoughts during HIIT workout: Joe Wicks has lovely hair. God I hate mountain climbers! Why do my hips make that noise? Am I that old?! Note: there’s very few thoughts here, because I’m far too busy focusing on the doing the things I need to do, and breathing.

Thoughts post workout: I can’t actually believe how awake I feel, or how good! I wonder if I have time for a little yoga too? Wow I feel amazing! I’m so glad I did that!

That last bit, the post-work out thoughts is everything. It’s why I do it! And it’s the memories of this feeling – of how amazing I feel after the workout – that will help quieten that pre-workout voice when it pipes up again the following day.

My tip? Do it! Exercise! It’s totally worth the daily self-induced trauma. And the more you do it, the less traumatic it will be.

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