Happy Un-Valentines’ Day!

Now look. I love an excuse to celebrate as much as the next social drinker, and whilst admittedly I’m not overly romantic, I have nothing against being wined and dined by my other half when the opportunity arises…

But when it comes to Feb 14th – Valentines’ Day – I just don’t buy it.¬†Literally or metaphorically.

See – I have too many questions: why do we have to wait for this one day when we suddenly feel forced to profess our love to our nearest and dearest? Doesn’t the compulsory nature of this take the genuine sentiment out of it? Isn’t truly appreciating the people in our life something that we can practice as a daily habit, rather than an annual ritual?

It doesn’t help that I find myself sifting through post after post on social media – endless couple selfies, declarations of love, photographs of heart-themed presents received. And something just doesn’t sit right here. Again – questions:¬†If there’s something you genuinely want to say to someone, does it really matter if former colleague Frank (from no less than 3 jobs ago) sees it? Doesn’t it cheapen it somehow if he does? Who are you writing this for?

Now…I’m sure that plenty of people express genuine sentiment on Valentines’ Day. And who doesn’t love an excuse to receive chocolates and teddies?!

Yes….to those die-hard romantics, I’m aware that I sound like a bitter, horrible cow.

But I’m not: honest!

I just prefer my declarations of love to be personal, meaningful and organic;

I don’t want to wait for this one day a year to tell someone how I feel. And I don’t want them to wait either.

Which means there’s a whole lot of Un-Valentines’ Days to play with!


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