Just Show Up

Remember I said I had lowered my expectations for December? Well, you’ll be happy to know, I stuck to them! I did manage to maintain a few Jiu Jitsu sessions per week, and one or too morning runs or gym spins, but the further we sunk into December… the futher I sank into the couch. And of course, I ate far too much.

As such, getting back into a routine has been tough. Even tougher, because my gym buddy has a new job and I have lots of new work commitments, so we’re forced to work out as soon as the gym opens at 6. Brutal. 

Long story short – I got there.

I didn’t sleep in. Or listen to the inner-monologue of excuses, telling me to pull out and rearrange for tomorrow (wonderful, glorious tomorrow).

I showed up.

The fact that I looked, felt and moved like an extra from the Walking Dead really doesn’t matter. In a couple of weeks, once I’m back into my routine, it won’t be so bad, especially when the mornings are lighter. Then I can start mixing things up and raising those expectations again.

For now though, I’m just going to focus on showing up.

Because that’s everything right now.

Because it’s the only choice that really matters.

Because if you keep choosing to show up, then in a months’ time you’ll be such a pro at it, that it won’t even feel like a choice anymore.

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