Pause and Appreciate

So Christmas is over, but apparently my local leisure complex didn’t get the memo.

And I’m not complaining. Because it’s only thanks to this, that I was able to get this magical shot of the Xscape Christmas tree at around 6.40am last Friday morning.

gym tree

I’d just finished one of those BRUTAL 6am workouts that I have been complaining about (but showing up for) and when I came out, I was still in that strange timezone where it feels as if everyone in the world – the world itself even – is sleeping.

Pitch darkness, thick silence and stillness in the air.

I must have walked past this tree at least a dozen times over the festive period, but never once have I stopped to notice and appreciate it. Until now.

As far as mornings go, I’ve had better.

But that moment of pause – that little piece of mindful appreciation – was perfect.

However your day goes, make sure you find a moment (or moments) to pause and appreciate life around you.

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