Happy 2018 – Day 325 – What are you grateful for today?

Being grateful for what you have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have, has to be one of the building blocks of a happy life.

It doesn’t mean either that you can’t be ambitious and strive for more. It simply means that you can appreciate what you have, even if you’d like it to grow/change etc.

So with that in mind, today I’m just going to ask the question:
What are you truly grateful for today? 

Perhaps it’s a person you feel grateful to have in your life; a place you enjoy going (even if that’s couch); something extra exciting that happened recently or is happening soon; an experience, big or small, which you appreciated mindfully; a quality that you have, which has helped you to achieve some form of success or comeback.

Perhaps you feel grateful for the things that you usually take for granted – things that those of us in the Western world often forget don’t come so easily to those across the world; hot baths, clean drinking water, a massive variety of available food, a phone that holds more technology than was used in the moon landing; a car that takes you wherever you like.

Whatever you’re grateful for today, spend a few moments really focusing on how happy you are to have this. And how fortunate.

Imagine your life if this ‘thing’ wasn’t part of it; how different it might be.

When you carry around feelings of gratitude such as this, you’ll feel rich even when you’re broke and lucky, even when it’s one of those days.

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