Happy 2018 – Day 312 – A Destructive Quote from a Sadist

Jillian Michaels is a sadist. Fact.

And I adore her. Also fact…

We have a very complex relationships, but if you’ve ever done one of her workouts, you’ll know what I mean. I haven’t seen her for a while now, but having signed up for a BJJ competition, I found myself reaching for some trusty old (brutal workouts).

And somewhere in between the blood, sweat and tears, I hear her say this:

“You have to destroy something to re-build it.”

So struck was I by this comment, that I had to pause the workout to run off and write this down… okay so I strolled rather than ran, and yes I was glad of the rest, but it still struck me okay?!

Usually, when it comes to change, I like to err on the side of caution – primarily because trying to do too much all at once has previously backfired in my face. But when I heard this, I was reminded that sometimes, small steps aren’t enough; something you have to knock it down complete and rebuild from the ground up.

Sometimes you have no other option that to quit the job, leave the relationship, sell the house…

Sometimes what you have to destroy is your own long-held beliefs about yourself, others and the world around you… maybe by taking the job that you feel you’re not ready for, starting the relationship/or really committing to it, buying the house….

Sometimes you just have to finish that bloody awful workout, even if it half-kills you.

Cheers Jillian.

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