Happy 2018 – Day 301 – Do you walk in the rain?

I don’t know about you, but the weather is ‘on the turn’ here. Winter is most definitely coming… and with it, the rain…rain and more rain.

Therefore, a rather watery quotes seems right on cue. So here it is, from American singer-songwriter, Roger Miller:

“Some people just walk in the rain. Others just get wet.”

I think you could interpret this in a number of ways, but for me this comes back to the story you tell yourself in different situations.

When it does rain on your parade (and mess up a perfectly fabulous hairstyle) you can choose to be pissed off; to get wet.

Or you can choose to smile and laugh, reminding yourself that sadly the weather is always out of control, much like your current hairstyle.

Or you can simply see it for what it is, without the story – a walk in the rain.

Whatever the case, you can’t command the weather, but you are the writer of your own story…. or not. Don’t forget that.

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