Happy 2018 – Day 300 – Quick life review: 65 days left!

Yep. You saw right. I’ve blogged every day for 300 days straight!!!!

Crazy right?! Not only am I pretty shocked that I haven’t jacked it in when there were just so many plates in balance, but I’m also reminded even more so this year of just how quickly time flies. I honestly feel like it was yesterday when I was writing the first blog.

In celebrating of this anniversary, I’m going to remind of you of a few of my favourite questions from this year. I strongly suggest that you take a few moments this weekend to think about these questions, and answer them honestly.

And then? Take action of course!

Here’s the questions: 

  1. What’s your version of awesome and why aren’t you there yet?

  2. Is your face generally happy or sad? If it’s the latter, why is that? What needs changing?

  3. If you were the hero in your own movie, what would you do right now?

There’s still 65 days left in 2018. Don’t wait for the empty promise of New Years Resolutions – if there’s changes to be made, make them right now. And just think where you might be by the time you’re ringing the new year in! xx


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