Happy 2018 – Day 222 – Learn to love yourself… because there’s no escape.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear instructions like, “Love yourself,” I can’t help but cringe. My inner-skeptic rolls her eyes, casting these words aside as floaty, new-age bollocks, taught by hippies with ethereal voices and a loose grip on reality.

But it’s just common sense.

If you don’t like your boss, your colleagues, your family, loved ones and even friends some times, then you can exit their company.

But if you don’t love or even like yourself: you’re screwed. There’s no escape.

When you’re at work, you’re there. When you’re relaxing on an evening, you’re there. When you’re facing problems, you’re there. When you’re working towards goals, you’re there. When you meet goals, you’re there. When you’re on holiday, you’re there. When you get the promotion, or lose out to a lazy, incompetent bullshit-artist, you’re there.

How many people wait for a ‘when’ to like themselves? When I’ve lost that last stone and my skin clears up; when I’ve stopped being such a coward; when I’ve learned to manage your anger; when I’m in that ‘perfect’ relationship. And if we do actually meet these goals, we often immediately find another when to wait for.

Not only is this a pretty miserable life path to walk, but it’s also counterproductive. Because you can’t really grow and improve, if you’re constantly beating yourself up.

So take my advice and begin implementing a common sense approach to how you feel about yourself.


When you hear the inner-critic start up, just notice what they say and respond to them, as you would if a good friend was saying these things. Try to console them.

And breathe.

Be that little bit quicker to forgive yourself.

Send thanks to your body, brain and spirit.

Work on liking this person who you’re with, 24/7.

You never know… you may just fall in love.



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