Happy 2018 – Day 207 – A Quote to remind you of what you SHOULD be afraid of

I’ve pulled this Chinese proverb from the pages of my 6 Minute diary today. Here it is:

“Be not afraid of growing slowly,

be afraid only of standing still.”

When you’re making changes, it’s naturally to become impatient. In this modern age of instant gratification, we want every right now.

I’ve been to the gym every day this week – why aren’t I slim yet?! 

But anything worth having in life takes effort, work and time. 

The point is that you’re not standing still. You’re moving forward.

Fear is often something that people find debilitating. It’s a reason to avoid challenges and opportunities. How many of us stay in bad jobs or relationships or ‘comfortable’ but miserable lifestyle-ruts, simply because we’re afraid to leave? 

But applied correctly, fear can inspire courage, strength and growth.



Harness the positive power of your fear. When you’re gearing up for a challenge and nervous as hell, remind yourself that although this kind of in-the-moment anxiety feels pretty rotten in the moment, it’s nothing to the regret and pain you’ll feel if you don’t act now; if you stand still, fear as your quick-sand.

When you’re feeling impatient that your changes aren’t happening quickly enough or you’re frightened to make a change at all; picture yourself, 5 years from now, having stood still.

If this terrifies you – good. Use this feeling to create change, small or big!



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