Happy 2018 – Day 206 – What if your life had an audience?

Yesterday’s theatre-based analogies have had me thinking. As I sit here, writing this in my dressing gown, coffee stains and crazy hair, I ask myself the following questions:

“What if you had an audience; one whom had watched your life, from birth through to your current state?

What would they have seen and heard over the different Acts?

What patterns in behaviour would they be used to?

Would they have seen growth and change in your character?

Would they be satisfied? Or would they be groaning and cringing, hiding behind palms, as they watch you repeat the same mistakes again and again?

Are they watching a Romance, Comedy or a Tragedy?

Are they waiting for a hero to save the day; or even better, waiting for the main character to become the hero they’re meant to be?

If you don’t like the answers that come back, then just answer this one last question:

“What would it take to change the tone of this play and uplift the audience’s spirits, right now?

This might be something big. Or it might be teeny tiny. Whatever it is, do it. Turn this miserable scene into something significantly more empowering.

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