Happy 2018 – Day 182 – Mid-Year Habits Review

I can’t believe this, but we’re exactly half-way through 2018 today!

Where does time go? Really? If you’ve been with me from the beginning or just started reading, thank you! Challenging myself to blog every day has been no easy feat, especially as my business and life seem to become busier and busier! But I’m honestly loving it; the connections I’ve made with strangers from across the world; the way other bloggers have inspired me to challenge my own ideas and opinions in different ways; the way my own blogs have forced me to re-think opinions and ‘truths’ that I felt were unshakable. And I’ve even busted out a few poems! Who knew?! 

So today, I felt that it was a good time to suggest a ‘Mid-Year Review.’ The teacher in me just can’t resist!

clock time

All you need to do is to answer these questions honestly. You may wish to write them down (you know what’s best for you.)

  1. What good habits/triggers have you kept up with so far this year? Click here for a reminder of what mine were.
  2. What benefits, if any, have you noticed as a result?
  3. What negative habits/triggers would you still like to reduce or drop? Here’s a reminder of mine.
  4. Why is it that you haven’t changed this yet? (Really try to go with your gut reaction here, rather than looking to outside circumstances and excuses.)
  5. What could you do to work towards this:
    a) right now?
    b) next week?
    c) next month?

Short and effective. Of course, if you want to take this further, you might like to think back to the idea of ‘Fear-Setting‘, and ask yourself if you’ve been facing your fears head-on, or perhaps reverted back to comfort and avoidance? Or if you’re working towards a goal, you might like to read back to my blog on ‘Goal-Systems‘, as a method of meeting your goals, each and every day.

Whatever questions you ask – whatever the results; acknowledge truthfully where you are. If the view looks bleak; I’ll remind you of the Dale Carnegie quote from Day 1 of 2018. “Every day is a new life to a wise man.”

In fact, every moment is a new opportunity to make a change; make something better.

If you’ve just provided an answer to the 5a) question above and come up with an action that you can take immediately, do it. Right now! This will re-affirm your commitment to this goal or change or whatever it is. And you’ll get some positive momentum as a happy side-effect too!

Have a great day!

Jo xx

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