Happy 2018 – Day 183 – Run the day or the day runs you!

After a day of procrastination (my life-long frenemie), this poem practically wrote itself. Does any of this resonate with you? Let me know in the comments below!

Run the day or the day runs you;

I’ve said it before. But it’s incredibly true.

Case in point – my activities today;

I’ve tapped and typed and whittled away.

6-minute diary? Cast aside!

I’m already working! Who has the time?

My juices are flowing and so is the coffee;

At first I see clearly but things soon become foggy.

Umpteen things started, but none of them finished;

All too quickly my excitement – diminished.

And of course it’s Sod’s law that the email then pings;

A deadline pulled forward. The panic sets in.

I’m forced to own up to what I’ve been doing;

Making myself ‘busy’ while actually avoiding

What I should have done first…now suddenly urgent.

No longer the Master, I’m forced play Servant.

As others return from a day hard at work;

To telly and family and afternoon perks.

Nose to the Grindstone. I sit and slave;

Late into the evening. Poor choices I have made. 

Run the day or the day runs you;

Tomorrow I’ll eat less. But what I do eat, I’ll chew.

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