Happy 2018 – Day 172 – What will you do today?

Today is Summer Solstice on my side of the planet; the longest day of the year, when the Sun is lighting up the sky for that little bit longer. My inner-poet couldn’t resist chirping up today. Here’s the result:


On The Longest Day


On the Longest Day

What will you do?

With those extra moments;

A gift. For you.

Will you use this time

To sit and listen?

To hear the music;

The words unwritten.

Will you open your eyes

To the ‘Everyday Beauty’

Of small-talk with strangers

And family movies?

Will you open your mind

To different ideas?

To notions that others

Are unwilling to hear?

Will you talk to someone

That you see every day

As if they’re brand new;

From a place, far away?

Will you challenge your body

And brain, past your limits?

Hearing your heartbeat;

In place of your critic?

Will you walk through a door

Despite being afraid?

Shaking and trembling;

Yet determined. Unswayed.

At the end of the day;

What will you say?

Did you cherish those moments;

Or throw them away?

Those precious few minutes;

At end, or beginning.

Have no guarantee;

Of when they’re expiring.

This day or Any day;

Could be your last.

So grab hold of these moments;

Before they are lost.







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