Happy 2018 – Day 173 – Is your face happy or sad?

Sex and the City was the ‘coming of age’ TV show for my friends and I in our early twenties. Ahhh… we laughed; we cried; we learned.

One of the scenes that really sticks with me, is the advice that Samantha gives to Carrie when she’s facing a relationship problem. It’s 30 seconds people – well worth the click!

According to Samantha: “The test of a good relationship is: Are you like this? (She frowns); Or like this (she smiles)?”

As basic as it is, isn’t this what it all comes down to?

Are you happy more often than you’re sad? Or vice versa? 

Step out of your own skin for a moment, and picture what your face looks like on a day-to-day basis when you’re with this person. Whether at home in each others’ company, or out and about, socialising together; what expression are you holding? 

The question doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships either. Try asking yourself this question in relation to your job: Over the course of a week/month/year, what does your face look like? Do you carry an expression of happiness, cheeriness, excitement? Or is it one of sadness, anger, frustration, boredom hopeless…..? 

Of course, in jobs or relationships or anything, expecting every day to be great isn’t realistic. Everyone has bad days.

But if it’s working for you; if it’s right; then your face should show it.

You should be smiling more than you’re frowning.

If not, then maybe there’s some work to do or some changes to make.


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