Happy 2018 – Day 171 – Door only open if you keep knocking!

“Doors of opportunity open up for those who continuously knock.”

The specifics of who originally said this seems to be lost in a sea of quotes about doors and knocking and opportunity….

But the wording of this strikes me as particularly meaningful.

Perseverance has always been one of my strengths. The fact that I’m willing to carry on and keep going, even when things are really tough, or I really just suck at what I’m doing, is something that I really like about myself. I completed a marathon despite being crap at running – I was practically swept up by the road-sweeper at 6 hours…. but I did it! I qualified as a teacher, on one of the toughest and most prestigious courses, despite being incredibly socially anxious and having a life-long phobia of public speaking. And my best achievement to date – I got my blue belt in Jiu Jitsu – after 5 years of training and a broken leg.

Lately though, there’s been a bit of a clash between my persistence and social etiquette. I’m teaching Wellbeing, Mindfulness and other crucial life-skills, and I’ve got myself regular work in a good few schools now. But I’ve become aware lately that I’m still holding myself back; not pushing as much as I could; not pestering enough. Why? I guess I’m worried about annoying people; of overstepping the boundaries of politeness. I’m only talking about a few phone calls here!

So when I heard this quote, it resonated. I’m wanting more doors to open, but I’ve either knocked too quietly; only knocked once and slunk away; or not knocked at all. If I really want doors to open, I’m going to have to up my game. I’m going to have to knock for longer and louder; even if it risks annoyance and irritation.

It’s worth the risk if those doors open.

open doors

If you’re currently working towards a goal that maybe isn’t happening quickly enough, or isn’t happening at all. Ask yourself: Am I knocking at the door? Am I knocking at the right doors? Is my knock loud and proud, or meek and insecure? Have I given up knocking on a particular door too soon? Could I go back and try a different knock?

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