Happy 2018 – Day 170 – The Fashion of Friends

Please forgive me the fashion-related analogy today. I awoke in the early hours of Saturday morning thinking of it and I just had to get it down. I attempted to throw a little poetry in the mix, but it was 3a.m. so we’ll just have to see how that works out!

A 3a.m. Poem about Fashion and Friendship


The Fashion of Friends;

And Clothing Trends;

That seem like they’re here to last;

Only to be forgotten. Lost.

The photos tell the tale;

Of countless fashion fails.

That seemed to be a perfect fit;

“Misfit fits in!” Trendy! Made it.

That blue skirt at age sixteen;

“It DOES fit mum!” I had to scream.

Now I ask, “Just what was I thinking?”

It was never my colour. Wincing. Cringing.

Still I’m drawn to impulse buys;

“It’s all the rage!” I hear the cries.

Glitter. Statement. Shiny. “Wow!”

But just where are all these clothes now?

Many of those in-Vogue pieces;

Buttons lost. Or Dull. With Creases.

We had our time; I wore it well.

Just wasn’t meant to last. Oh well. 

Looking back, I have to smile.

At my numerous, fabulous attempts at style.

Those lasting staples now seem fleeting;

Awkward. Unflattering. Uncomfortable. Ill-fitting.

And of course I have those one or two pieces.

The Little Black Dress; Jeans and T-Shirt.

Dress up or down for any occasion.

Well-made; Comfortable. Cut with precision.

When fads pass by and colours fade;

These timeless classics come to my aid.

Hanging in the wardrobe, lying in wait;

Not quite as glam, but we always look great!






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