Happy 2018 – Day 131 – 2 AWESOME questions

Just 2 quick but powerful questions today:

  1. What does your version of AWESOME look like?

    Everyone is different. One person’s version of awesome might involve being a housewife and mother, with a craft hobby on the side. To another it might mean being a partner in a law firm, with a house in London and New York. Someone else might long to write children’s books, performing most of their work at their LA beach house. Whatever your version of awesome is: see it now. And now to the next question…


  2. Why aren’t you there yet?

    Without blaming anyone or anything else, tell yourself truthfully why it is that you haven’t yet fulfilled your dream. Whether you’re on your way or worlds apart, checking in like this is always handy.

    Having opened up my own business in January, I’m much closer (than I ever have been in fact!) to living my dream to be a successful entrepreneur/writer/life-coach to anxious children. However, looking at my current career situation, I know that I could be closer to my version of awesome if I hadn’t held myself back at times; failed to push myself in certain situations because of anxiety; fallen into bad habits and procrastination when I was financially comfortable, rather than just getting on with it.


    Realising this, I was forced to face up to the fact that if I continued in these negative behaviours, the gap between where I was and where I could be would only grow over time. Thankfully, this has provided enough of a reality-shock to force me to get on with it! 

So that’s your homework today: to ask yourself these two questions. Don’t like what you hear? Then consider exactly what you’ll need to change so that next time you ask, you’ll get a better answer.

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