Happy 2018 – Day 132 – The ‘Gratitude’ Spider Diagram

As part of a Mindfulness project I did in March, I tried an alternative attempt at a Gratitude Journal: A Gratitude Spider Diagram.

What can I say? As an organisation nerd, I’m always looking for new ways to categorise and display things!

Here it is: 


I like this approach, because it allows you to see the list of things you have to be grateful for grow throughout the week.

In this example, I used different colours for each day. And I took this picture at only 4 days in. You can imagine how full the page is by the end of the week. Even at the end of a crappy week!

Adding items to a spider diagram like so also stops you repeating the same things again and again. It pushes you to think creatively and take note of the little things and small-wins, that otherwise you might have missed.

Remember two things: Our brains are drawn to the negative over the positive and we get more of what we focus on.

So force yourself to notice the good stuff and your happiness will soar!

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