Happy 2018 – Day 103 – A Quick activity for Control-Freaks

Recently, I broke down my fears to their base levelĀ and realised that all of them, in some way, boil down to my need to control things, or fear of not being in control. Even when I self-sabotage, throwing myself into junk food, booze, avoidance or caffeine; my forced loss of control is my own way of controlling the situation.

A few days ago, I saw a child-friendly ‘control circle’ activity pop up on Pinterest. As a rather child-like individual myself, I thought I’d give this a go.

Inside the box are things that I cannot control. Outside are things that I can. Here is it:


I felt really good after writing this. I took a few long deep breaths and relaxed in the knowledge that actually I did have control in all of the places where it really mattered.

We can’t control outside events. And trying to will only lead to misery.

But we can control our attitude; our perspective; whether something breaks us, or makes us.

And that’s all we really need.





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