Happy 2018 – Day 12 – Feel the confidence in under a minute

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard this confidence tip from self-help giant (quite literally – he’s huge!) Tony Robbins. I was pottering around upstairs, pretending to tidy up but making more mess was there in the first place, with the audio book playing. He was talking about confidence, self-belief and certainty.

Tony asked that the listener stop what they were doing, stand up and feel in their body the feeling of hope. So I did. It felt nice – a little like the butterflies of excitement that you feel in your gut, before you do something exciting or even nerve-wracking.

Then, he asked you to change this feeling to certainty. And to feel what that felt like in comparison. I did as I was told, and immediately noticed physical changes in my body as well as how I felt. My breathing had changed; my chest puffed out; my shoulders were back. I knew, rather than hoped. I felt more confident, more reassured, more calm, more certain.  


It takes less than a minute to try this technique and I highly recommend that you do. I’ve used it time and time again over the years, when I start to worry and feel insecure, and it always improves my mood.

Hope is a beautiful word, but when it comes to self-belief, it’s pretty flimsy. Just consider the difference between hope and certainty when applied to different situations:

I hope I can stay fit and healthy this year. I will stay fit and healthy this year.

I hope that I will move house this year. I will move house this year.

I hope I will help people through my work. I Know I will help people through my work.

I hope my business is a success. My business will be a success. 


There’s just no comparison. 


Have you tested out this technique before when you’re feeling insecure or nervous? Did it work for you? Do you have something better? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below:







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