Everything is a Miracle!

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” (Albert Einstein)

I saw this quote in my Six-Minute Diary a few weeks back and I thought I’d share as it’s very much on theme with the way I’m thinking lately, especially as I continue on through Lockdown 3 in the UK, without any foreseeable end in sight.

As I’ve said previously, I’ve made a conscious effort to react differently in 2021 i.e. to truly let go of what I can’t control and strive to find the positives, taking consistent positive action within my realm of control. I’ve been working out, reading books and writing more than I ever have. And whilst there’s still ups and downs and the odd anxiety attack over money, in general I feel pretty blooming happy. In fact, I’d say that I feel far happier right now than I have been at times in my life, when on paper at least, I was much more secure and ‘successful.’

I feel incredibly grateful too – for quiet moments with a good cup of coffee, frosty mornings when the air is so fresh and the grass looks magical, when I drop on some bargains at the reduced aisle in the Supermarket and chatting to a stranger about what a spatchcocked chicken actually might be. Music. People. Places. Comfort. Nature. With all the clutter of daily life stripped back, I find myself feeling so wholly thankful for the basics that I’d previously taken for granted.

We’re so fortunate as humans, I think. Most of what’s ‘ordinary’ to us is, when you pause to think, completely extraordinary and amazing. From our own remarkable minds and bodies, to this incredible world that we’ve created. From the book you’re reading – a book that took a whole person’s life experiences, failures, perseverance, timing and not to mention effort, to reach you as it now does – to your own breath that carries on and on, without any conscious effort, even as you sleep.

This is what it means to me, to live as if everything is a miracle.

Aside from whether you really believe this or not, the truth is that it just feels a lot better to think this way.

It feels better to live in a world where miracles happen, than in one where they don’t.


  1. Thanks for this beautiful reminder. It’s really good to take a step back and be in awe of everything especially when lockdown makes life seem uneventful. Stay safe! 😊


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