Less Self-Help, More Help-Self!

I don’t know about you, but 2021 isn’t exactly going to plan.

In fact, in what my dad would describe as a severe case of ‘Sod’s Law,’ things with the business had finally starting to look up, when the UK government announced full lockdown – again – meaning school closures and zero income for the next two months at least.

But did I ‘throw a paddy?’ Absolutely I did. But then, after a few breaths, a few more drinks and several minutes of insults aimed at Boris Johnson, I surrendered.

Because…. oh well! If 2020 taught us anything, it’s how little control we have over our circumstances and how pointless it is to worry about those very things. Truly, I wasted A LOT of life last year and I was (and am) determined that this WILL NOT be the case in 2021, regardless of circumstances.

More than anything this year, I wanted to take meaningful, effective action towards my dreams, meaning that the pile of self-help books stacked up in my office and on Audible will have to wait, as will the amazing free online courses that all promise to help me achieve said dreams. That’s my habit you see? I read books about changing my life, rather than actually changing it.

So instead of reading, I’ve been writing. Writing and writing and writing. Pretty much every day since Jan 4th, not because I have to, because I want to. And guess what? After 36 year of never finishing a story (I never got past the first chapter), I’ve written three in the last fortnight. Three! Beginning, middle and end. I’m stunned.

That’s not even the best of it either. The real zinger is that now I’ve put down the self-help and actually started helping myself?

I feel the most fulfilled, the most comfortable in my own skin, and the least anxious I’ve felt in a very long time. Ironic really, considering a lot of the self-help I HAVEN’T read, is undoubtedly geared towards just that.

Are you a self-help procrastinator like me? Would you rather read a book telling you what you already know, than take action? What could you do this week to change that? Comments welcome!





  1. Great advice. Worry about what you can control – what you can do something about. Accept everything else. If everyone did that we’d all be a lot better off. Thanks for sharing your wisdom 🙏


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